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See How Beautiful M Street Homes Really Are

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Houston's Custom Home Builder

As a new home builder in Houston, Texas, quality and value are the cornerstones of M Street Homes. Our Customers simply get more of both when they buy one of our beautiful new homes. It will be evident, even to the most casual observer, that our new custom homes are built better and have more included features than comparable new homes of other home builders.

At M Street Homes, we understand that buying a new home is probably the most expensive purchase our Customers will make in their lives. We commit to making every dollar well spent through purchasing high quality products, holding contractors accountable to do things right the first time, and by reducing material waste in building new homes.

M Street Homes is committed to establishing a higher standard of stewardship to the health of our Customers, the community, and the world through building new homes that are sustainable and more environmentally friendly. We will achieve this through a comprehensive quality building program called “M Street Edge.” An exclusive energy efficient building process developed by M Street Homes in the new home building process.

Our new custom homes will be healthier, safer, more durable, energy efficient, comfortable, and environmentally conscious than most other new home builders. This commitment can be confirmed with third party performance testing and public documentation.

Each M Street Homes new home community has a unique design style, flexible floorplans and luxury architecture that appeals to any new home buyer. Come see for yourself how beautiful and elegant the M Street Homes communities of new custom homes really are!

Call any of the M Street Homes community today to schedule a tour!

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